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After retiring from teaching at SMU. AC has continued publishing, lecturing around the country and curating. But she has also found an exciting new profession: writing art history murder mystery books. The first four are out; see next item. Her fifth,The Kollwitz Calamities, is in progress.
AC‘s first four "Krimis," Killing for Klimt, The Schiele Slaughters, The Kokoschka Capers, and The Munch Murders, are now out in paperback and on EBook. The books, along with her Egon Schiele‘s Portraits and The Changing Image of Beethoven, are published by Sunstone Press of Santa Fe and are available on Amazon. Also E-books.
This first American exhibition of Egon Schiele‘s portraits and self-portraits opened at New York‘s Neue Galerie in October 2014 and was extended by popular demand until April 2015.
AC joined colleagues at the NYPL to talk about the "first modern woman artist" Paula Modersohn-Becker on the evening of April 9.
AC‘‘s highs chool, Ursuline Academy in Dallas, TX,gave AC its distinguished alumna award in June.
AC‘s alma mater (class of 1956), Barnard College,presented her with its "Distinguished Alumna Award" in New York. AC‘s mother, Megan Laird, also attended Barnard (class of 1929).
"Alessandra Comini und Neulengbach" is the title of a symposium held in that town on 16 June 2012 to celebrate 48 years since AC‘s discovery of Egon Schiele‘s prison cell (now a museum), and the 100th anniversary of the artist‘s imprisonment there.
A few months ago AC included her recent gift to the DMA, Anne Whitney‘s life-size, marble Lady Godiva, in her lecture: "Who Ever Heard of a Woman Sculptor? 19th-Century American Women Artists in Rome."
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